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The Best Senior Services is dedicated to informing and educating seniors about various financial services by connecting them with a licensed representative in their area. Our goal is to provide viable information and professional guidance in the areas of Medicare, insurance, and financial services.

We will continually add resources to this site and can provide updates to you.  Currently, we have valuable content in the following areas: Medicare, Final Expense (funeral and burial), Reverse Mortgage, and Financial Planning.

Since there is so much to consider we can provide you with a FREE guide to give you a head start.  Just click on the one of the forms on any page!

Just about everyone is approved

No matter your health or financial situation there are a variety of services available to you.  Many programs require no physical, and some can be provided at no cost.  It can be important to enroll at a specific time and select an option that not only works for your current situation but also anticipates your future needs.

Since programs vary by state (and sometimes by county!) and since everyone’s overall situation is different, our recommendation is to use our resources along with guidance from a licensed representative in your state.  When you request a free guide we are happy to connect you with a qualified expert who can help you find the best program to fit your needs.

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