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5 Reasons TBSS Can Help You

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We’re going to go over our five core values, mission statement and vision statement

Published: November 3, 2021

Category: Educational, Featured

There are a lot of resources, both online and off, that are designed to help seniors prepare for retirement. Many of those resources are great because they prioritize those who utilize their products and services. Like these resources, The Best Senior Services (TBSS) is an online information hub that helps and prioritizes those who visit us.

Recently, The TBSS team came together to discuss important values and worries that seniors hold in retirement. After compiling a list of 50 values and worries, we’ve narrowed it down to four reasons as to how TBSS can help you during your retirement. Important things that seniors think about when preparing for retirement include the fear of being taken advantage of or scammed, understanding Medicare, wanting to find financial agents or help that they can trust, the desire to be respected and heard with kindness and financial security.

When addressing these values and fears, we came up with five reasons as to how we help you. These have quickly become core values of ours that are designed to help you.

In this article, we’re going to go over our five core values, mission statement and vision statement. We’re also going to discuss how they work to your advantage, so that you and your loved ones can better understand just how TBSS can help you.

Our core values

Our core values capture the idea of our beliefs and principles. We hold these values in high regard because, without them, we would not be able to operate honestly or efficiently.

Let’s jump right in and discuss what The Best Senior Services’ (TBSS) core values are, and what they mean for you and/or your loved ones.

  1. TBSS only publishes truthful information. We will never advertise or endorse any message that is false or fraudulent.

    The internet is a vast place that’s full of useful information, but it’s also a place full of useless This always leaves people feeling overwhelmed because they’re not sure what can be trusted. But when it comes to TBSS, you can rest easy knowing that all of the information that is being shown to you is accurate and truthful. This is because all of the information we get comes from trusted sources, such as official websites created by the United States federal government or university institutions. We also work closely with licensed agents who provide us reliable and truthful information that can be relayed to you. We ensure the information we publish is accurate so that you are able to maximize your visit with us and be prepared for retirement.

  2. TBSS wants to give back to those who have helped raise us. This is why we give seniors the respect they deserve, so they know their questions and concerns are being taken seriously.

Whether you’re preparing for retirement or have already made the transition, you and your loved ones work hard to reach this stage in life, and that’s a large accomplishment that deserves praise. That’s why TBSS ensures that everyone who visits our website is treated with the utmost respect. Every visit to our website, or conversation with a representative, should be pleasant. If that’s not the case, we will quickly resolve the situation so that you’re satisfied. We’re grateful that you’re taking the time to visit with us, and we want you to know that!

  1. TBSS aims to provide useful information that is applicable to all who come across it. We want seniors to realize how they can reclaim their financial status or continue to be successful in retirement so they can focus on the things that really matter to them.

Just like our information is truthful, it’s equally as useful. We want seniors to utilize what they learn on our website so that they can act on their financial status and retirement in ways that allow them to continue to be successful throughout their retirement years. You know that information is useful if it is accurate, but you also know that it’s useful if it’s current, understandable and full of detailed coverage. Making our information useful means making sure our information is filled with honest suggestions and topical plans of action so that you and your loved ones know where to go and what to do for further assistance.

  1. TBSS will not sell or share any of the information disclosed to us with anyone else, outside of the agent we connect you with. Your information will always remain safe and protected.

    Many fear that sharing their information online will result in it being sold to third parties, resulting in unwanted advertisements or, worse, scams. Let TBSS be the first to assure you that your information is not being shared with anyone outside of the direct, licensed agent you will be speaking with. Your information is also safe from being distributed to other businesses or companies, meaning you can safely visit our website and fill out a form knowing that your information will not be shared.

  2. TBSS aims to educate seniors so they can go to a single, simple resource for help on Medicare and other financial services. We make our interface easy so seniors have a better understanding of their retirement.

    There are many senior resources out there that are designed to help seniors throughout their retirement and more. We are constantly evaluating our website so that it is easy, understandable and well-designed, so that we become the dominant information-hub for seniors who are looking to learn more about Medicare, financial services and more. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, don’t hesitate to reach out by calling us at 855-979-8277.


Our mission statement

The Best Senior Services (TBSS) informs and educates seniors about Medicare and other financial services while connecting them with local licensed agents, so they can spend less time worrying about retirement and more time enjoying it.

We firmly believe that mission statements reveal the values of a business, which is why we want to be open and honest about ours. We make our intentions and services clear so that no one is confused about how we can help by revealing our mission statement. We want to give back to seniors by helping them with their retirement in any way that we can, and we are happy to be able to do so.

Our vision statement

The Best Senior Services’ (TBSS) vision is to be the nation’s leading senior resource center. We strive to inspire and empower seniors to act on their retirement goals by utilizing our resources.

We are excited about the hard work we’ve put into this company, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement and hope toward the future. We believe that vision statements help a planning process, and we have plans to reach every senior in the United States. We are just as honest about our vision statement as we are about our mission statement because we are thrilled to see how we will develop and excel in the future, and we want you to be along for the ride.

We at The Best Senior Services are excited by the thought of helping you reach your retirement goals, whether that be through providing you blogs to read or reaching out to you directly with one of the local, licensed agents we work with. You’ve earned your retirement by working hard and caring for your business and/or career. Now, it’s our turn to care for you throughout your retirement so that you can spend time focusing on the people, things and experiences that are important to you.

To learn more about TBSS, visit our website. You can get started with one of our agents today by filling out our form or calling us at 855-979-8277.