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Planning for Funeral & Burial Expenses

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The Best Funeral and Burial Insurance

Pre-Need Funeral & Burial Insurance

There are two common ways to cover funeral and burial costs. The first is with a “final expense” policy, and the other is a “pre-need” plan. Final expense policies are lump sums paid to your beneficiary, which they typically use to pay funeral expenses and debts that may be left behind. The Best Senior Services can help you find the best burial insurance as well as other final expense policies.

A pre-need plan is different. This plan is purchased from a specific funeral home to cover the funeral arrangements you select ahead of time. You can pay the cost all at once or over time. The funeral home will cover specified guaranteed services. Additional services can be purchased as well.

One of the advantages of a pre-need plan is that your guaranteed services will be covered, even if they’re more expensive than when you purchased the plan. This can result in significant savings, especially if you live long after the plan is purchased.

Here are questions to ask when considering pre-paying for funeral services:

  • What all is included in the cost?
  • Do the costs cover both merchandise (casket or urn) and funeral services?
  • How are you protected if the funeral home goes out of business?
  • How does the funeral home handle the money you have paid? Some states have set requirements.
  • What happens if you move or pass away while away from home?
  • Can you cancel the contract and receive a full refund?

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