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Halloween Activities to do With Your Grandchildren

Senior man dressed for Halloween as a witch

Fun ways to spend time with your family

Published: October 20, 2021

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Halloween is coming up, and you know what that means: scary movies, pumpkins, trick-or-treating and more. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays celebrated in the United States, and for good reason — it is a fun way in which you can spend time with your family, especially your grandchildren. And if you’re close to your grandchildren, there are plenty of activities that they’ll want to do with you.

This article is going to cover all of the Halloween activities you can do with your grandchildren, whether you live near them or hours away.

In-person activities

If you live within a close proximity to your grandkids, there are multiple activities you can do to celebrate Halloween with them.

  • Pumpkin patch. Everyone loves pumpkin patches, and the great thing about that is because of their popularity, it’s easy to find one near you. Pumpkin patches offer a lot of different activities, from corn mazes to truck rides, and many of them sell food and beverages throughout the patch. And the best part? You get to pick out a couple of your favorite pumpkins to take home!
  • Bake Halloween treats. Baking is one of the best things that a senior can do with his or her grandchildren, and that’s because everyone has a chance to be involved with something, whether it be cracking the eggs or even just licking the batter off the spoon. Holiday treats include cookies, cake, brownies, caramel apples, candy corn cobs, monster truffles and more. There are multiple recipes that are circulating the internet that are tailored to any dietary restrictions you and/or your grandchildren may have, as well as fun designs that are easy to accomplish. Here is a list of some of the great Halloween treats that you can make with your loved ones.
  • Watch Halloween-themed movies. It’s likely that your grandchildren will not want to watch horror movies, like Halloween, and will opt for some family-friendly movies, instead. There are multiple family-friendly movies that are on streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime and more. Take a look at their selections to see what your grandchildren would like to watch!
  • Carve and/or paint pumpkins. For all of the pumpkin lovers, there are multiple activities that you can do with them that are both fun and exciting. The most popular activity is carving the pumpkins. This may not be an activity you’ll want to do with your grandchildren if they’re young, as they can hurt themselves or lose steam fairly quickly. But if they’re older and show interest in this activity with you, then it’s a great way for them to let their creativity flow and make something unique. For a bonus treat, you can bake the pumpkin seeds that you scoop out. And for those who aren’t big into the carving game, you can also paint pumpkins. The great part about pumpkins is the fact that special paints aren’t needed to make a great, easy-to-see design. Inexpensive acrylic paint is a great tool that you can use for painting your pumpkins. And, as a bonus tip, we recommend leaving your pumpkin full and intact, rather than hollowed out. That way, it stays fresh for a lot longer and does not rot quickly.
  • Decorate. One of the best ways that you can prepare for Halloween is to decorate your home, and it’s more fun when you’re doing so with your grandchildren, for so many reasons. One reason is because it brings a sense of nostalgia. Down the lines, when your grandchildren are older, they’ll remember how much fun they had decorating with you. Another reason is because it’s a great opportunity for you to bond with your grandchildren. If your grandkids are younger, and you want to have them help out, give them soft decorations to put around your home, whether it be pillows, blankets or paper decorations.
  • Go trick-or-treating. If your grandchildren are younger, and you’re able to, this is one of the best activities that you can do with them. Halloween night is something that children look forward to all year, and this is a night in which they will be the most excited about the holiday. They may also need some extra help carrying their candy buckets or pillow cases!
  • Halloween crafts. Crafts are great ways for your grandchildren to show their creative side with no limitations. Here is a list of Halloween crafts that are easy, and fun, for your grandchildren to do. A great benefit for Halloween crafts is the fact that you can then turn these crafts into decoration that you can use for years to come. They’ll also serve as reminders for your grandchildren in future years about the things that you did together, which will leave them feeling as nostalgic as they would about when you decorated together.
  • Dress up. Dressing up is one of the best parts about Halloween, and it’s a great way to spend time with your grandchildren. Go online or to a local store to see what costumes are available for both you and your grandkids to dress up in. And the best part about this activity? There are other Halloween activities you can do on top of dressing up, like visiting the pumpkin patch, decorating or carving pumpkins.
  • Go to haunted houses. You’ll have to do some research on the haunted houses in your area so that you can find one that’s right for you and your family. If your grandchildren are younger, you’ll want to find a “mild” haunted house that is designed for families to explore. If your grandchildren are older, and want to visit a haunted house that’s a little more intense, then you’ll want to find a haunted house that fits those expectations. However, there are some houses that are a lot more intense than others, so it’s important to look into the reviews so that you understand what you’re into. And if the house has any warnings in regard to health, make sure to follow those rules so that you can prioritize your health, too.

Online and/or video chat activities

Halloween activities are a lot of fun to do, especially with your grandchildren, but that doesn’t mean that it requires seeing each other in-person. If you live in a different state from your grandchildren, or are taking social distancing precautions, there are online and/or video chat activities that you can still do with your grandchildren.

  • Read Halloween books. If you have access to FaceTime, Zoom or Skype, you can hop online with your grandkids and read to them as many Halloween books as you’d like. The great part about doing this virtually is the fact that you can do this with all of your grandkids, if you’d like, no matter where they are. So if your grandchildren are dispersed all throughout the country, then you’ll be able to speak with all of them at once, thanks to the power of technology. Now, the only hard part is, choosing books that they’ll all agree with!
  • Host a virtual pumpkin carving competition. You can do this in two ways. The first is to play an online game with your grandchildren in which you carve virtual pumpkins. You can also hop on a video chat with your grandchildren in which you all carve pumpkins of your own, and judge which you consider to be the best.
  • Play Halloween-themed games online. Although some are single-player games, there are quite a few Halloween-themed games that are meant to be played amongst multiple players. And it’s very likely that your grandchildren enjoy playing online games, so this is a great way to spend time with them and ensure they’re entertained. There are multiple websites that have Halloween games that are family-friendly and easy-to-play, but to get started, here is a website that has a few of those games.
  • Halloween crafts. Halloween crafts are one of the things that you can do both in-person, and while you’re apart. Video chatting with your grandchildren and bonding with them while you both prepare Halloween crafts is a great way to spend the holiday, especially because they will remember the fact that you’ve taken the time to spend time with them, even if you couldn’t be there in-person.
  • Virtual drinks. If your grandchildren are at least 21 years old, but you’re unable to meet up, having drinks together on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom is a great way to catch up and talk about the holiday. And the greatest part about it? There are multiple Halloween-themed cocktails and drinks that you can make together. Here is a list of Halloween drink recipes that you and your grandchildren can try out.

Spending time with your grandchildren is an enriching experience. No matter what activities you do, there are lots of ways in which you can enjoy the Halloween season with your loved ones.

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