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Good Advice for Seniors to Avoid Senior Scams

1. Ask for Advice to Avoid Senior Scams

After a lifetime of giving advice on what is right and wrong, our seniors can sometimes not understand someone trying to take advantage of them.  To avoid senior scams, seniors should ask family members to help in making decisions when it comes to any type of significant purchase.  

2. Avoid Making Decisions by Yourself

Seniors who think they can handle a con artist are unfortunately wrong.  Seniors should contact the family for any and all sales pitches.  From magazines to health Insurance, the senior’s family should be involved.  It should be a team for seniors over 75. 

3. To Avoid Senior Scams, Never Provide any Type of Information to a Stranger

The amount of mail seeking money for charity and other fraudulent schemes is huge.  Seniors need to throw them away no matter how good they appear.  The mail is one of the most widely used systems for scam artists; so be aware. 

4. Internet and Social Media

In the days of black and white TV, occurrences of fraud were limited.  However, with the advent of the Internet and communicationSenior Scamss that can be anonymous, fraud and corruption have become an everyday occurrence.  As such, there are those that prey on seniors.  So seniors have to be made aware that there is danger, danger. danger on the Internet.  

Furthermore, being able to use the Internet requires skill and can be confusing for seniors. Here is some advice for everyone to avoid fraudulent situations: 

  • Never give anyone on the internet personal information
  • Never give anyone credit card information unless it is a trusted person or company                                            
  • Don’t click on any links that seem strange and that includes emails from friends.
  • Never give anyone usernames or passwords unless you’re on a trusted website
  • The computer should have virus and malware protection
  • Make sure you have protection against viruses! 

5. Seniors should Contact Family when questions arise about Finances or other Questionable Sales Initiatives to Avoid Senior Scams

Finally, there are groups of individuals that use caregiving to commit fraud against Seniors.  From stealing benefit checks out of the mail to stealing things around the home.  Caregivers can also take advantage of their elderly patients by manipulating them.  With that said, background checks should always be conducted on potential caregivers.

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